Virtual Doorman

Our Virtual Door service is like having a doorman who never sleeps. The Virtual Door service digitally captures resident and visitors logs and work directly with law enforcement to provide them what they need to capture intruders.The yearly cost to have a 24/7 Doorman is over $100,000, our system is a fraction of that cost and is always alert. Why not give your residents the additional security they deserve at a price your community can afford?

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icons-01Visitor Log
We capture and log car license plates for all residents and guests that enter your property.24/7/365.

icons-03Law enforcement reporting
When an issue is reported and upon request from the property manager, we research the problem and provide law enforcement with the intruder plate number.

icons-05Accountability for Gate damage
We help hold your residents and visitors liable for damage to your property. We provide the property manager with the plate number for the individual that caused damage and provide water-marked video that can be used to file the claim.

icons-02Parking management
Easily track visitor’s cars that are parked at your property

icons-04Mailbox Security
We capture clear facial images of individuals that are breaking in to your resident’s mailbox and provide law enforcement with actionable data to assist them in prosecuting the criminal.

icons-06Warranty and maintenance included
Our service includes warranty, onsite maintenance and advanced replacement to decrease any downtime.

Boost your properties security, enhance your residents experience and show them that you are taking steps to improve their safety with the Virtual Doorman system.

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