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Stop deliveries of drugs, weapons and cell phones to your facility.

Detect, track and mitigate all drone threats at your facility

Drones can be used in a variety of ways, including smuggling contraband to inmates and surveying prison property to collect information about guard details and security protocols.

Secure your airspace against all drone threats.

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Less drones. More Secure.

Prisons safety & security

Less drones. More Secure.


  • Greatly reduce attempts to deliver weapons or smuggle drugs and cell phones.
  • Stop attempts to survey the prison area and collect images, videos and sensitive information.
  • Collect data on drone activities near the site, recurring drone intrusions, drone models etc.
  • No Mobile Phones

    No Mobile Phones

  • No Drugs

    No Drugs

  • No Weapons

    No Weapons


Prison officials can take the following countermeasures when a drone is detected in the prison airspace.

  • Track Drone

    Track Drone

    Track the drone’s flight path and determine its destination.

  • Locate Pilot

    Locate Pilot

    Use drone path and triangulation to find the location of the pilot.

  • Alert Officers

    Alert Officers

    Alert officials about drone intrusions and drone path so that they can intercept any contraband or take appropriate action.

  • Lock Inmates

    Lock Inmates

    Lock inmates in their cells.

  • Stop Drone

    Stop Drone

    Use a jammer, spoofer to disable the drone when legal.

  • Capture Evidence

    Capture Evidence

    Capture video evidence in addition to recorded flight paths and drone information to assist in further investigation.

Latest Drone Incidents

  • 3 arrested after drone drops contraband at a Michigan Prison

    Three people were arrested after trying to use a drone to deliver drugs, cellphones into a state prison in Ionia. The drone dropped a package near the housing unit, then returned to drop an additional package near the same area.

  • Drone crash lands at Washington State Prison in Georgia

    The drone crashed to the ground while delivering contraband to inmates at a prison near Davisboro in east Georgia. It was carrying 4 Samsung Galaxy cellphones, 7.8 ounces of Tobacco, a USB charger cable, a pound of Marijuana and 31 C-230 Oxycodone pills.

  • Drone helps inmate escape maximum security prison

    A drone was used to deliver wire cutters to a convict serving life term. The convict then used the wire cutters to escape out of a maximum security prison in South Carolina.

  • Drone carrying blades crashes into Oklahoma prison yard

    The drone accidentally hit a razor wire, which caused it to crash in the yard. A package attached to the drone using a fish line was carrying two 12 inch blades, meth, heroin, cell phones, cell phone battery, two packs of Cigarettes and two tubes of Super Glue.

  • Drone delivery spurs inmate fight in Ohio prison

    A drone dropped a package of drugs into a prison yard at the Mansfield Correctional Institution. Inmates were outside in the yard, and the drop sparked a fight between the inmates.

icon 1 - PrisonsDrone Detection Technology by 911 Security

We use RF technology, multiple sensors, video, audio feeds and triangulation to detect drones, track their flight and locate the drone pilot. Can be integrated into current security infrastructure like alarms, video feeds etc and into third party products like jammers and spoofers.

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