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Drone911 wants to keep drones out of your sky

As fun as flying a drone can be, there are those who fly these airborne robots for more nefarious reasons or just because they don’t know better. Whether that’s trying to drop packages into a prison, or get aerial image of a natural disaster because they think it’s cool, drone flights are not always welcome. Drone911 CEO John Doe knows that very well, launching the company in 2014 and closing a $15 million Series B round in February.

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    Avoid interruption of games

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    Ensure safety of spectators and infrastructure

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    Prevent copyright infringement

Take proactive Anti-Drone Measures

Stadium operators and sports teams from across the globe not only want to protect their athletes, performers, and spectators but also want to ensure footage captured from drone cameras do not breach broadcast contracts or copyrights. Sports organizations such as the New York Mets and their home stadium, Citi Field, understand these risks and have taken proactive measures to secure their airspace. There are around 2,500 Major League Baseball games a year, so 31 drone sightings last year and nine so far this season does not constitute a major crisis, said John Skinner, the director of security for MLB. Still, baseball took part in a government project called “Operation Foul Ball” last year at the All-Star Game in Minneapolis to try to detect drones.

Latest Drone Incidents

Flying your drone over a baseball stadium with tens of thousands of fans is a really, really bad (and probably illegal) idea. The MLB itself prohibits anyone from flying drones over a stadium without prior approval.

  • Security takes down drone flying over Falcons practice facility

    Ahead of their Super Bowl game, the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons security spotted a drone flying over their practices. While the pilot turned out to be a neighborhood family, many initially speculated espionage from their opposing team, the New England Patriots.

  • Terrorist drone attack fears led to closure of stadium roof

    The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), decided to close the retractable roof of the Millennium Stadium in Wales over fears terrorists could fly a drone into the ground during the Champions League final.

  • No drone zone for those attending the Super Bowl

    The U.S. FAA implemented temporary flight restrictions within a 34.5-mile radius of NRG Stadium in downtown Houston, Texas for the Super Bowl. Drone security wasn’t the only talk of the town for the Super Bowl Intel showcased a drone light show at halftime.

  • Drone crashes into spectators at baseball game

    A rogue drone flew directly inside a baseball stadium, crash landing into a group of spectators. Investigators were not able to determine if the pilot was flying with malicious intention, or if this was a case of pilot error.

  • Formula One bosses fear terrorists will attack Grand Prix

    Set for July 2017, event organizers are equipping themselves with massive nets to catch drones if they come too close to the racetrack, athletes or spectators.

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